BASIC MATHS is a skill that many children (and adults) struggle with. And there is now a bewildering array of specialty maths programmes that claim to make to process of learning these skills fun.

Which should you choose? How much does it cost? Does it work?

In the end, what is really needed is just PRACTISE!

That's what our Basic Maths programme focusses on. We make it really easy for you, as the parent, to generate a set of maths questions and to set the time for getting it done. At the end of the set time, the answers are checked and graded for you, and you can see your child's progress chart at the bottom of the page.

Try it out yourself. The Free Trial allows you to run 5 tests so that you can see how it works. After that there is a small fee of $10 which gives you unlimited use for one month.